Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions


THE RULES OF ONLINE SHOPPING @ www.houseoutlet.co.uk

a) All the prices for the goods presented on our website www.houseoutlet.co.uk are given in pounds sterling (L) and include tax
b) All products in our offer are brand new.
c) Some of the offered goods may be unavailable temporarily, about which we will inform the customer through our website or a member of our staff.
d) Some prices of sets offered by our shop in the categories WARDROBES, KITCHENS FURNITURE, HOME FURNITURE, WALL UNITS, BEDROOM SUITES may not be visible on the website www.houseoutlet.co.uk. The prices will show after the customer has chosen particular elements of the set. If a customer purchases an item from the above-mentioned categories, they are politely requested to contact our office through the telephone number seen at the website within 24 hours or their order will be cancelled.

2. The shop reserves the right to:
a) Change the prices of the goods in our offer;
b) Introduce new goods into the online shop without the administrator’s consent;
c) Withdraw goods from the shop’s offer without the administrator’s consent;
d) Make promotion campaigns on the shop websites or make changes to them;
e) Immediately cancel the customer’s order without giving the reason and effect;
f) Refuse to fill an order if one of the data in the registration form is missing – name, address, email address, telephone number;
g) Refuse to proceed an order if there are no goods in stock or production of product is discontinued.

a) The time of the delivery of the purchased good commences at the moment of the receipt of the advanced payment of 25 % of the purchase value. The deposit amount due needs to be paid to seller’s bank account   sort code 20-73-48 account  63531554 between 1 to 30 days(if deposit is not paid after that time your order will be cancelled) . After the payment is made buyer should contact us through telephone (the number is  available on our website) or email us and we will start to proceed with the order.
b) In some cases the time of the fulfilment of the order may be longer because of the reasons independent from the shop ,high demand season (such as Christmas time shortage in stock availability,logistical reason caused by adverse weather or other unpredicted reasons).
c) The time of the fulfilment of the order shall be understood as the time which passes from the moment of the start of the fulfilment of the order by the shop to the moment of the receipt of the good by the customer;
d) The shop reserves the right to prolong the time of the fulfilment of the order or to cancel the order from unpredicted reasons, about which the shop shall inform the customer immediately;
e) If the order is cancelled by the shop, the deposit paid by the customer will be paid back to them within 7 working daysl.


a) Until we receive advance payment in 25% of  totals product value the order placed at www.houseoutlet.co.uk is not treated as the conclusion of the sales agreement, and is not bounding for either of the parties involves.
b) The purchaser cannot cancel an order which has already been confirmed and initiated to our factory ;
c) If the customer does cancels an order, the advanced payment of 25% p v (deposit) will not be refunded ;
d) The orders may be placed at our online shop 24 hours a day every day at 365 days a year;
e) In case of any doubts about the fulfillment of an order it is possible to contact us at  www.houseoutlet.co.uk or at our office phone or email surely an every effort will be made to clear out all doubt for every customer.
f) After an order is placed,our representative may contact you by phone or by email within 48 hours in order to discuss the details of the order and terms of delivery;
g) The shop reserves the right to refuse to full fill an order if the either data in the registration form are incomplete, incorrect, or  their reliability raises doubts. In such cases all money paid into us will be refunded ;
h) The condition to buy in our shop is to make sure that the process of the fulfillment of an order is effective, by completing the registration form and giving your first name, surname, email address, home address and telephone number – if any of the information is missing, the order will can be cancelled;
i) The terms @ condition of buy in at our website  www.houseoutlet.co.uk  is to accept these rules.

a) The customer chooses the way of payment while placing an order
b) Until we receive 25% of your product order value into House Outlet Ltd  bank account  20-73-48  account no 63531554  we are not bounded to any agreement with customer and we have the right to cancel your order. Please look at point 4a (remaining balance payable on receipt of delivery or as agreed ).
c) Cash as way of payment is possible only when goods is delivered by ourselfs or when the goods are collected by the customer from our premises.Arrangement must be made with our office before booking - our nb 07445646065.If we wont be able to deliver the stock ourselves than cash payments will not be offered as stock will be delivered by hired courier TNT APC or simillar . In that case we require full upfronts goods and delivery payment .
d) Advanced payment for the whole amount must be paid into the Shop’s bank account;
e) Into our PayPal account.

( Visa Debit and Credit Card payment are accepted on collection from Rugby only. Card payment is not offered and not possible in customer address.)

a) The cost of delivery depends on the distance (miles) between our firm warehouse and a customer.
b) The delivery time  will be carefully agreed and arranged with the customer to suit his/her needs;
c) Furniture for self-assembly and chairs, tables, armchairs and other furniture are delivered to the customer house. Usually we do not involve into indoor deliveries as Its an only 1 man delivery driver sended to deliver our goods.
d) We do offer to carry the furniture into the house and to assemble the furniture for you (there may be an extra charge - please call our office for details);
e) If the customer collects the delivery without objection reservations, he/she waives all claims for loss or mechanical damage. If the customer does not fill in, in the presence of the person delivering the ordered product, a report of damage at the time of the collection of the delivery and the possibility to make a complaint will be closed.

a) Complaints about mechanical damage to furniture caused during shipment will be considered only when a damage report is signed by the customer and the delivering person. Report and signature needs to be made immediately.
b) If the customer and the delivering person do not make a damage report, it will be regarded as the product had no mechanical damage at the time of delivery.
c) All complains will be investigated strictly within 14 days from the date of the complaint.
d) The all product to be complained about has to be delivered to our warehouse by complaining customer or its representative. The costs of delivery are to be covered in full by the person who makes a complaint.
e) Any differences in the shade of wood, laminated board or other sold here product caused by different settings of monitors, graphics cards are not liable to complaint. The photographs presented on the Shop’s website are pictorial; the fabric sand colours may differ slightly from available products.

a) Personal details of the customer are protected by law. They are not going  to be pass to any other persons traders or institutions .
b) The access to personal details is available only to administrator of www.houseoutlet.co.uk

a) The Shop’s team always do their best so that the descriptions and specifications of the products in our offer will be true and accurate. All the disputes, requests, complaints, comments and suggestions will be received and answered by us through email.
b) The competent court to examine the disputes about the sales agreement will be the court competent for the seating area of the respondent.
c) The placement of an order in the Shop means that the customer accepts the provisions of the rules at the Shop and also the rules of buying products from the Shop.
d) The shop has the right to change these Rules.
e) All matters not included in this contract are subject to the regulations of the civil code and to other current regulations.