About Us
About Us

House Outlet Ltd its not only a  a family team but its an also team of people with quality and passion.We specialise in the production and sales of various high quality furniture and wooden supplies building materials home decors and finishing accesories.Our nearly 30 years long experience in the wood and board furniture industry allow us to use the best and the most modern machinery and equipment.We also continually deepening our knowledge in the field of furniture production as this allows us to create exceptional interiors while maintaining a high quality and unique style.We always strive to differentiate from competing companies operating in the furniture industry with best quality of products and assistance at the stage of design.                    

Our advantages :
- we offer technologically modern business solutions from BLUM, HETTICH, SEVROOL, MAG, PFLEIDERER BOSH.
- when needed our comprehensive service include free valuation and recommended design.

- unbeatable value high quality and unique design with value for the money.