Plastering Gipsum Stabill PW - 01
Plastering Gipsum Stabill PW - 01
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0 reviews

Extra strong plastering gipsum Stabill PW -01 .

Extra strong plastering Stabill is slow drying and high quality finishing material .
Excellent as first as well as final layer.Finishing with Stabill is designed primarily for your quality repair work, final finishing and decorative reasults in construction its an big advantage of  the product. In particular the Stabil can result with walls and ceilings super smooth, pure white finish even before painting. It is an excellent material used by the proffesionals to fill the final holes and gaps, fixtures and cracks in the plaster. The big advantage is that pure white colour of the product.It results with less consumption of paint during painting what can bring the cost of your work down.

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